winter star

  © images by Emily Hughes, 2017

tell me a story

     © Robert Frank, Mabou 1997 – image reproduced at Mutual Art opening line Stories are necessary, enchanting, evocative things; but they can also be the means by which our dreams are traduced or defused, defiled or filed away. We learn to read sideways. We learn to read by the light of secret planets and signs. Excerpt taken from From one state to…

frangipani flower

  … a little burst of sunshine. © words and image Emily Hughes, 2015

powder puff dreams

I found this unusual flower on my trip to Sri Lanka where the hotel grounds were scattered with them. After some research I discovered they are from the tree ‘barringtonia racemosa’, otherwise known as the ‘powder puff tree’. They really do look like exquisite little powder puffs – dreamy, light and graceful. I love the way the festive shocks of vibrant pink and gold contrast…


When I push the shutter release, I close my eyes. (Annelies Strba, from Shades of Time)   breathe, 2014 I have done a lot of reflecting during this holiday period. I’ve read a lot of blog posts and facebook updates about fresh starts and being thankful and realising what’s important, and all that. I’m not knocking any of it. It’s all good and true, of course. It’s…