Red shoes

I spent the day in London yesterday with Alex. It was great just wandering around with my camera. I took lots of pictures but this snap on the tube with my iphone is one of my favourites. There was this little girl sitting opposite me and she had these really great red shoes on – you know the kind you always wanted when you were a child and you wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (well, if you were like me!). Anyway, I like the way, even though there is lots going on around her, your eye is drawn to that splash of red: her tights, and those shoes.

© Emily Hughes 2012

2 Comments on “Red shoes

  1. Bonjour Emily

    I thought your first post was the most appropriate place to leave my comment on your work as it is this pair of little red shoes that launches us into your wonderful blog. Question! “How do you cheer yourself up on a cold, wet winters morning?”
    Answer ” Read Searching to see”

    Great words and fabulous pictures

    Thank you


    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Dan, and for taking the time to go right back to the start – gosh that was a while ago now I had forgotten what my first post was!

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