Thank you

A very belated Thank you to Nathan and Holly at and for nominating me for this award.

There are some rules, but I’m not so good at following rules, so I hope you don’t mind but since this is an appreciation award I’m going to just use this as an opportunity to show my appreciation for some of my favourite blogs; those which have inspired me, encouraged me, and generally made this blogging journey so much fun so far. Thank you to you all I appreciate you! I will write on your blogs that I have nominated you and if you would like to follow the rules properly please refer here. If you prefer not to acknowledge it I will not be offended 🙂

Creative writing blogs:


C.B. Wentworth

“Lifestyle” blogs




Film photography is not dead

Settle and Chase

Draw and Shoot

Steve Barnes

Lady Fi

Art/Inspiration blogs:

Canadian Art Junkie

Inspiration Lab

Painter’s Progress

9 Comments on “Thank you

  1. Well deserved. Thank you for including Canadian Art Junkie. I’m honored by the nomination! I also very much appreciate the introduction to a number of blogs I wasn’t familiar with. Great picks.

  2. Thanks Emily! Honoured to be included with such great blogs. Well deserved for yours – you really inspire me every time! 🙂

  3. Thanks very much for including me here, Emily! I am honoured. And I look forward to looking at your other nominations.

  4. Hi Emily, and thanks so much for thinking of me and my blog! You know I appreciate yours, so please keep doing what you’re doing! Cheers, Steve

  5. Congratulations on your award and thanks for nominating me Emily. I really appreciate it, and I love your blog. Great work!

  6. honored to have worked with you and made contact. Appreciate your work greatly. And thanks for these new blogs to follow!

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