Sea sculptures

We spent a few days down in Devon on the coast, at my dad’s home. There was a folk festival going on, so it was bustling and lively. The weather was contrary; the sea feisty and capricious.  My son and I snuck away from the busyness for a few moments to make sea sculptures on the beach.

He found these shiny pebbles, wet and glistening from the spray.

“Gold, silver, and bronze!” He said.

*This will probably be my last post for a little while. Time for a break. I need to recharge, and renew… see you all at the end of the summer!*

© Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

9 Comments on “Sea sculptures

  1. I love this! We still have a ton of rocks from when we lived in Alaska. When my mother was little, she used to wash her rocks obsessively, because she liked the way they changed colors.

    See you in the autumn!

    • I love the way they change colour when they are wet. My son is obsessed with rocks, stones, fossils and crystals and such thing he collects them all! Enjoy the rest of your summer! x

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