Autumn’s still

If you listen carefully you will hear the hushed still of Autumn in the breeze
If you look closely you will see quiet muffled beauty in the closeness
Nature is settling

After the buzzing vivacity of Spring
And the full heady bloom of Summer
Nature is calm and muted
Winding down

There is a soft, subtle radiance to Autumn. Soothing pastels and rich, warm tones replace vibrant hues. A gentle opalescent shimmering punctuated by
startling instants of vivid colour: the magnificent red of the rosehip, or the garish yellow of lichen, reminding us that life, nature persists. Persevering. Renewing.

© images and content Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

12 Comments on “Autumn’s still

  1. I keep saying “beautiful” but this really is..I love how these small captured things seem to be folding themselves up for winter, tucking in..building their strength for renewal..

  2. Absolutely beautiful post Emily. The words warm the images, sift, floating furling … so beautiful! 🙂

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