Mud+snot+four-year-olds just seem to go together.
Today was a day full of both. All three, actually I should say (apart from the fact that all of my days are full of four-year-olds). I handed out tissues to catch runny noses and cleaned muddy boots before I lined them up neatly. I made snowflakes and drank pretend tea from tiny plastic cups. I praised and I scolded in equal measure. I drew fire engines, read story books about libraries and witches and potties. I mopped up spilled milk. I tidied up toys, endless toys. I opened drinks and sandwich boxes and coaxed little people to fill their tummies with just a few more bites. I built a pretend snowman and flew in the air, waving to the people and houses below. I cast magic spells on impish children who were frogs and trains and racing cars. I sang. I sing every day with a kind of forced, manic joviality that one must have around four-year-olds who are tired and grumpy and want their lunch or just want to go home and watch cbeebies. Songs about sheep and monkeys and stars. Always stars.

The rain fell. Hence the mud. The sky stayed grey.

I’m still waiting for the sun.

Maybe tomorrow?

I don’t think I have ever mentioned in my blog that I work with a girl who is visually impaired. Her favourite colour is yellow. Sunshine yellow. She chooses it every time over any shade of baby blue or girly pink or fire-engine red. I print all of her work on yellow because it seems that her searching eyes find it easier to rest on that gentle, warm colour than the stark glare of white.

(Last year I started a little series of posts themed around colour)

© images and content Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2013

17 Comments on “Yellow

  1. Emily, this is absolutely gorgeous! I am touched to the core – the beauty of your words, your observations, your generosity – You! What a delight,all of it, all of you! The little girl choosing yellow makes me cry, inspired and believe in everything , all !he beauty of unseen things 🙂

    • p.s Since I was little, yellow has always been my favourite colour … 🙂

    • Ah such a sweet comment! Well it was just another day at work really; a pretty meaningless ramble which I needed to get out and make positive 🙂 I love that she loves yellow too it always makes me smile when she picks it, but she is attracted to brighter colours because her nystagmus affects her vision. Your words are very generous and I am very touched!

  2. Kids – exhausting, eh? My son is just coming up to 4 years old – he loves to talk to the stars, when we can see them of course, which isn’t too often at the moment.

    • yes four year olds have an endless fascination with stars, don’t they. I suppose they are magical 🙂 My daughter is just leaving 4 for 5 and I’m a bit sad about that it’s such a lovely age of discovery and wonder

  3. Three of the rooms in our house are painted in shades of yellow – I’m a big fan. Really nice shots, and I love your writing – it’s very evocative, and nice to hear about the nursery experience from the other side.

    • thanks Richard I would like a yellow room but my husband is not a fan, unfortunately. Maybe I’ll cover a wall with yellow themed photographs instead. Yes, I think I might just do that! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  4. I love this post! Wonderful writing! Great storytelling and the yellow photos are amazing. Thanks for liking my blog or I wouldn’t have seen this!

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