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My children like to collect little treasures: stones, fossils, shells, beads and crystals. They secrete them in boxes or little bags which end up scattered around the house. Sometimes they trade them with each other, but mostly they just enjoy the simple tactile delight of collecting them, and knowing that they belong to them, like the piggy banks full of tooth fairy and pocket money coins they count endlessly but never want to spend. We have so many of them now, I thought I might start making some sort of photographic record of them, but then I got carried away trying to make artful arrangements instead.

Β© images and content Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2013

22 Comments on “Treasures

  1. How gorgeous..I can sense the small fingers around these precious items in these shots – so tender, as always. I very much remember that sensation of holding and collecting..

    • Yes me too, only I remember collecting marbles and conkers. Still, I think all children love to immerse themselves in the world of things.

  2. I remember my children doing the same, many years ago… and once when we were on vacation, collecting rocks that seemed to me an addition of quite some weight to the car. I’m sure it would be a lot of fun to arrange these treasures in artful compositions…

    • It’s a good question! I suspect they just enjoy them as precious objects. They don’t often play with them as such, but I should see what they do with them and photograph that some time πŸ™‚

  3. I like your artful arrangements and I would love to see how the children scatter them and play with them or hide them! πŸ™‚ I look forward to all your lovely posts Emily! πŸ™‚

  4. I still bring home all these types of things…, my studio is full of rocks and fossils!
    These are lovely pictures of their treasures. : )

  5. Ah yes, we have many stone and stick collections at home too. These shots are so lovely and artistic.

  6. These make me infinitely happy – especially the third one down. So glad to have the time to read and catch up with your lovely words and images again!!

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