Give me light

Give me light before gold2


I made this picture a few weeks ago. It was a perfect sunny afternoon – one of those first precious ones of early Spring which you just want to soak up slowly, deliciously. I was sitting at my desk working and listening to Tell Me by Troubadour Rose (if you don’t know the band you should check them out – Bryony’s lyrics are just gorgeous). Sometimes a line in a song just gets you, and sparks something. Anyway, I put this together and posted it on twitter and the band tweeted me back just an hour or so later to say they loved it! You hear many negative things about the internet these days, but really it’s a wonder – such a powerful tool for communication.





© images and content Emily Hughes, 2014

22 Comments on “Give me light

    • yes it was nice that they responded… I’ve just had it printed up to send to them and I’m really pleased with it. Thanks for commenting Richard! x

  1. If I didn’t have the internet I wouldn’t know how to get anywhere, we would have no furniture in our house, no house anyway, the list goes on. Plus, I wouldn’t even be here now. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Lovely image, Emily!

    • yes that’s very true – the internet used for good (and in moderation) can have such a positive influence on people’s lives. Thanks, Jesus!

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