the colour of summer

There’s so much colour out there right now, it seems a shame to be posting in black and white. This summer is all about fluorescents pops and neon brights. Unfortunately, I do remember the first round of this craze from the 80’s (think eye-watering rather than eye-catching), and, more unfortunately, I did participate – from head to toe (in my defence I was very young!). This time around it’s a little more tastefully done, for the most part, but at a festival, well, anything goes. So here is some vibrant, colourful, and slightly surreal festival fun for you (with more than a nod to the decade that taste forgot).

colour of summer 2

colour of summer 20

colour of summer 8

colour of summer 13

colour of summer 14

colour of summer 21

colour of summer 1

colour of summer 15

colour of summer 9

colour of summer 6

colour of summer 11

colour of summer 16

colour of summer 17

colour of summer 4




© images and content Emily Hughes, 2014

13 Comments on “the colour of summer

  1. That looks like a lot of fun, Emily. What did you wear…?
    I love the images with a bit of movement, they have a real sense of festival energy.

    • I was very boring I’m afraid, Karen! A lot of these groups are hen/stag parties who take a theme and dress up. The theme of the festival was Brazilian carnival so there was a lot of colour around. The energy was fantastic; festivals are great places to see humanity at its most spirited and dynamic.


  2. LOVE the color. I remember dressing my kids in fluorescents so I could keep track of them. The deep blue of the sky-top image, acts as a marvelous contrast.

  3. Great shots, and it’s fun the way its gets crazy at the end – the color just takes over and there’s nothing else!

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