the forest

the forest2


I’m back from our family road trip around Europe (6 countries in 16 days). I was hugely inspired by the lithe, elegant pine trees of the Bavarian forest, so different to our forests here in the UK. They appeared to me like ghostly apparitions in the fog, and this is my interpretation.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next days…


© images and content Emily Hughes, 2014


21 Comments on “the forest

  1. So much (mist)ery. This is utterly beautiful, Emily. There is a real sense of the soothing coolness of a forest, and the trees are magnificent.

    • I wanted it to feel a bit mysterious I suppose; there is a veiled mystery about the forest. And I just loved the line of those trees so I repeated that to increase the impact.

  2. I just love this! I’m thinking you layered several of the same image, slightly offset? Or maybe something like that. Whatever you did, it sure works.

  3. I have just noticed that your posts didn’t appear in my reader lately. So, I will catch up soon. Love this beautiful dreamy forest. Soft greens and greys.

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