And then, Kittens playing

‘The journey of the photograph had, at some point, become a travelling album of its adventures’ – love this idea! Thanks to photographic artist Alex Bishop-Thorpe from all the way over in Australia for his contribution to the journey, and his musings on the subject of the photograph as material object. Enjoy! Emilyx


I learned of the Journey of a Photograph Project from my friend Nicole, who I met while we were both kicking around as Artists in Residence at The Banff Centre earlier this year (Hi Nicole!). In the rest of my real life I’m a photographic artist from Australia, and my work deals with a lot of that weirdness that comes along with the photograph being a physical thing you can hold, and how bizarre it is that we have spent so many generations creating and destroying little worlds in our hands that we just think of it as normal. It’s kind of like how absurd dreaming is.

In 2012 I co-founded a darkroom and photographic facility with fellow artist Aurelia Carbone, which has since provided all kinds of excuses to explore this subject in parallel with my arts practice. The work I make is mostly analogue in nature because I…

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