As this project continues and time stretches on (3 years now since it started) and people have ‘housed’ this unwieldy package for varying lengths of time (some longer and some shorter), life events invariably happen along the way: some good and some bad, or even tragic, sadly, like Christopher’s. So it seems to be a marker of time passing, as much as anything else. And this project was always more about time, memory and community, than it was about ‘art’.

I regret that we didn’t get to see Christopher’s ‘exquisite’ contribution, and I find myself wondering what that might have been, but as he says it will never be and that seems right, because time changes us, and life is not exquisite and neat; it is messy and sometimes hard to bear. So I am glad that he, like many others, chose to make such a personal response. It makes it all the more meaningful somehow.

I feel privileged to share in Christopher’s journey and I hope that, in some small way, contributing to this project has helped to bind the wounds of time… I am thinking on ways to ‘contain’ the clumsy package as it grows and becomes more awkward – any suggestions would be most welcome!

Thank you again, Christopher, for your touching, heartfelt contribution.


I am sorry to report that the ‘journey of a photograph’ has endured an unscheduled and lengthy delay under my stewardship. It is time to make amends.

After waiting for over a year for the project to find its way to my corner of the world, a large and clearly well-travelled package arrived at the end of April 2015 and as I excitedly examined its contents I wondered at the vignettes of life this ‘thing’ had witnessed on its journey and the dreams, stories and creative responses it had inspired. I drank it in over several days, picking amongst the imagery and ephemera that it had accumulated, like barnacles on the bottom of ship, adding weight and mass, altering the dynamics of the original form.

It is not a pretty package; it wears its travels wearily and honestly, revealing fragments of the journey as it is opened, and proceeds to…

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