forest majesty


I love photographing trees, and walking amongst them in forests just as much. A walk in the forest is always restorative and revitalising. My children think I am quite mad when I walk up to the trees and start stroking them, but there’s just something so nurturing and comforting about them that I can’t help myself: they have seen it all haven’t they, these ancient masts towering above us? They have wisdom in their branches and intellect susurrates through their roots in slow, deliberate murmurs.

This wood is close to my house and consists almost entirely of beech trees, with some clusters of silver birch, ash and cherry dotted about, here and there. The beech trees look ghostly in the subdued winter sunlight. Their bark when young is smooth and pale. As they get older, more mature, the girth broadens and the wrinkles develop. Beech trees grow in thickets which are often called ‘queens’ – the queens of the forest; elegant and regal.


These images were all snapped on my phone.

© Emily Hughes, 2018

9 Comments on “forest majesty

  1. Precisely – I need always touch, stroke, kiss, smell the trees around me – and gaze at those about the house and across the street as if they are what keeps me… persisting

  2. So true. We have a lovely reservoir walk near us and I really miss it when I am not out in it, all seasons, saying hello to the trees and noticing which ones have fungus or which still have leaves. It’s important to be a part of the landscape.

  3. They do, they are, I concur with all of it! I’ve been thinking about how my own wrinkles shouldn’t dismay me so much, since I dote on the wrinkled skin of the elder trees.

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