After a week on a writing retreat at the Hurst with Arvon I am feeling tired and exhilarated. So many thoughts and ideas spinning in my head. So many inspirational moments. So many wonderful, generous people.

There are countless benefits to a residential writing course and for each and every person the journey will be different; tailor made, if you like. But here is what I found: the freedom to retreat into myself and explore those spaces, the gaps, where the slices of light shine through. I found my voice, with gentle and insistent encouragement. I found that I had things to say with it. Things which are important. I found new friendships. And I laughed and sang and laughed some more, until tears rolled down my cheeks. Sometimes they were tears of happiness and sometimes it felt like there was something else being wrung out of me. Sometimes, I didn’t know the difference.

If you are thinking about doing a writing retreat I would highly recommend Arvon. Actually scrap that — don’t think, just book it! I promise you won’t regret it.



3 Comments on “retreat

  1. What is it in us humans that when we see or read something that resonates with our own lives we feel touched, included, as if we know what that person is feeling or felt … of course we don’t. I went on a couple of writing retreats – to Gardoussel in the Cevenne mountains of France. It was there that I found I could write, those gaps and spaces and little bits of light within, and when alone stepping out. The written word spoke to the listeners, I too found a voice, like Hemingway they said!! Retreating …. with strangers who become friends and share our written thoughts. Yes book and go … Love your photography and musings.

  2. It sounds very healthy! Your image works perfectly here…as for doing the retreat, well, it’s a bit geographically challenging but I’m going to think about doing one on this side of the pond. One of these days.

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