a January mood

  Winter’s Reverie I   Winter’s Reverie II   One from the archives.   © Emily Hughes, 2015  

silver and gold

  © images by Emily Hughes, 2017

oh, she dreams in gold

oh, she dreams in gold, 2015   I’m working on a little series of golden, composite images on the theme of reverie, and I’ve just added this one to my artfinder shop. I’ve posted this one before here, but needed to make a few tweaks before I was entirely happy with it.   © images and words by Emily Hughes, 2015

these watery things

My life is going through a lot of changes at the moment. These are changes which I have instigated. Things are shifting. It is exciting, but extremely unsettling, and there are times when I question my motives for stirring up the waters. I question why I am constantly compelled to confront what is real and safe and solid. Sometimes it helps me to express these…

winter’s reverie

I II © words and images Emily Hughes, 2015


In order to have a feel for landscape you have to lose your feeling of place. (J.F. Lyotard, from “Scapeland” 1989)   In his essay “Scapeland” (1989), Lyotard apprehends a sense of landscape as a kind of non-space which defies topography, history and geography. His is a bleak picture of a guarded, clandestine, unreal, uninhabitable space without destiny. For Lyotard a landscape is a violent,…