Flower Friday

Forget me not

A humble flower, but I love it when forget me nots emerge in summer. They have such an intense, pretty blue. Like little dots of joy piercing the dreary grey skies. They always catch my eye…

So small, so blue, in grassy places
My flowers raise
Their tiny faces.

By streams my bigger sisters grow
And smile in gardens,
In a row.

I’ve never seen a garden plot;
But though I’m small
Forget me not!

from The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies, by Cicely Mary Barker

Finally school has finished! I’m feeling weary and a bit subdued today though. We’ve had a lot of bad weather and rain. Every inch of me is craving rest and warmth. Still there are summer holidays to look forward to now, and I have a few projects planned which I will post more about later….

Happy weekend everyone!

© Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

14 Comments on “Flower Friday

  1. Excellent idea to photograph the Forget-me-not against something ‘romantic looking’. I’ve a few pictures of these myself, but none of them really work as yours does – a mass of tiny spots of blue against the green of foliage is not the best visual experience – but yours has added an extra dimension.

    • It was a chance shot really in my grandfather’s garden. They just caught the eye the way they had entwined themselves artfully around the rather beautiful curve of the bench’s arm. I like the way the colours complement each other too – the rusty bronze against the vibrant green and blue is quite pleasing! Thanks for the comment!

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