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The sky drops right down to the sea, and shears a perfect horizon at the edge of the world where the air meets salt water. The sea exhales, lilting undulant murmurs which curl and crease up to a wrinkle and then smooth again in turn. Rise and fall. As regular and certain as the breath, as the expanding and contracting of the lungs.

The sun flickers and wanes. A light bulb going out. It skips and glints across the frothy tips.

It’s always there, and always to be found. Once it has found you, and you have absorbed its salted sweet essence it will seep into a chamber of your heart and never leave. You will always be able to find it there, when you need it.

And you will always come back for more.


© images and content Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2013

21 Comments on “Coherence

  1. Beautiful words and images. I enjoy the sequence of the shots, and I really like how the rhythms of “which curl and crease up to a wrinkle and then smooth again in turn” mirrors that motion. Great post.

  2. A breath that begets breath..just can’t beat the rhythm of the sea..

  3. Your touch is so light in both image and text – love the sense of balance in the photographs and the rhythm drawing us out to sea.

  4. What wonderful words to go with the serene pictures! I am a beach lover so I absolutely agree with the emotions evoked in the photos and the accompanying words

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