For later


I wonder if she will remember this moment. The feeling of his vast hands cocooning hers. All the impetuous haste of youth, she had.

I can do it!

He tried to slow her down. To show her. With the wisdom of the knowing tortoise. (She didn’t listen, of course.)

I have saved it for her, anyhow. For later.

For when she is ready to remember. When she needs to understand who she was, and who she might be.

© images and content Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2013

16 Comments on “For later

  1. Oh I LoVe this!!! It is an odd fact(oid) of life, and a joy, that we may need to remember and understand who we were! This is beautiful – simple and unrushed, a stamp of your work. The pic is divine! 🙂

    • Thanks Gigi it is so true isn’t it that we don’t appreciate our memories until later, when they are mostly forgotten. It’s why I think photographs are so important, I think.

    • I had the rollei set up on a tripod and was photographing the children, and she wanted to take some pictures so I let her use my Lumix. Grandpa was trying to assist her but she was quite haphazard in her method!

  2. So gorgeous Emily, and what a lovely thing to do for her..

  3. Thank you, Cath! I hope one day she (and her brother) will look back at some of the pictures on this blog, and others, in the way that I did and still do look back at our family albums, and remember things, moments which might otherwise have been lost and forgotten.

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