Another collage I’ve been working on. I wanted it to have a feel of movement and energy, but also be subtle, and gentle.

It’s always difficult to know when to leave something alone, though!

© images and content Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2013

16 Comments on “Flight

  1. Beautiful! I’ve finally found the way to your blog. Prior, I could only link to your website and though it’s wonderful, it was static. Now I understand;)

    • Hi Elena – I think lots of people get confused by that it’s just a static front page! I should probably get rid of it really although I love the photograph. Thanks for persisting! Glad you like this!

  2. This is fascinating, and yes I see that almost-bird, however, when I first glanced at this I thought I saw a little cat’s eye looking at that pile of feathers …

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