Three plums

3 plums

© images and content Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2013

20 Comments on “Three plums

  1. Emily / Alex: I will not stop following your blog when I am able. Thank you for inviting us to work with you and for the insightful and brilliant work you do. It is treasured.

  2. Emily, beautiful photo. I really like the way the sunlight falls on the part of that chair we can see. Like it’s inviting us to sit down and enjoy!

    • Hi and thanks for the lovely comment! The light was just perfect so I took the shot. It was taken at my grandfather’s house. His house always has great light! The plums didn’t survive for long with the children around, though!

  3. The richness of color in the plumbs and plate balanced with the neutral story around it make a really interesting unusual statement. As you say there’s a lot more here than just a snapshot of some plumbs on a plate.

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