little fishing boat

little fishing boat


This image was inspired by a recent trip to the lovely harbour of Lyme Regis. I pegged the boat shot, and when I got it I visualised immediately how I wanted it to turn out, so I was excited to get home and work on it. I’m really pleased with the result. A few people have asked me how I achieve the layering effect. I may try to write another post explaining in more detail when I have more time, but in essence I use Photoshop to layer up the images and then I work on each layer, effectively ‘painting’ parts in and out of the image to achieve the effect I want. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but I find it a very rewarding and creative process. You also have to make sure you start off with a really strong image which is well composed. This way it will carry the layers much more successfully.


© images and content Emily Hughes, 2014

24 Comments on “little fishing boat

  1. Aside from its beauty, the complexity of this image presents such interesting contrasts;dreamlike yet detailed, reds and greens, linear and rounded, not to mention the glorious textures. It’s superb.

  2. The best yet, Emily! Incredible detail and tones, so much to see in the waters – bones, fossils, layers of memory..the precious horseshoe linking it all together..I can feel that you enjoyed this..fantastic.

  3. This has such a lovely textured ‘printmaking’ sort of feel – like it’s etched on paper… Beautiful!
    I use the same technique when layering, it does feel much like painting…

  4. Fabulous – I’ve seen many layered images that are nowhere near as successful as this. And I’m sure what you said is true – a strong image in the first place is necessary. I love the colors, and the overall feel of it.

  5. Emily, somehow I think of Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) and the ghostly fog that helps to create its own surreality (pre-photoshop, naturally).

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