beach days #6

beach days #6   This one was tricky to perfect, and I almost gave up on it altogether. Alex didn’t like the hibiscus, but I thought it worked, so I went with it anyhow. It’s actually been the most popular of the whole series, I would say, so I’m glad I stuck to my instincts. It is set in Cancun, Mexico.   © images…

the colour of summer

There’s so much colour out there right now, it seems a shame to be posting in black and white. This summer is all about fluorescents pops and neon brights. Unfortunately, I do remember the first round of this craze from the 80’s (think eye-watering rather than eye-catching), and, more unfortunately, I did participate – from head to toe (in my defence I was very…

serious play

The work you do as an artist is really play, but in the most serious sense […] Like when a two year old discovers how to make a tower out of blocks. It is no half-hearted thing. You are materialising – taking something from the inside and putting it out into the world so you can be relieved of it. Quote by Leslie Dick,…

on being

Being is the most universal concept… but it is the darkest of all Heidegger     © images and content Emily Hughes, 2014

little fishing boat

  This image was inspired by a recent trip to the lovely harbour of Lyme Regis. I pegged the boat shot, and when I got it I visualised immediately how I wanted it to turn out, so I was excited to get home and work on it. I’m really pleased with the result. A few people have asked me how I achieve the layering effect….

Beach days (III)

  Beach days #4 Beach days #5   I’ve been working on this beach series for the past couple of months. I started work on it because a gallery owner local to West Kirby (where I grew up) liked some of my layered work, but wanted something coastal. I’ve struggled with naming them, though (it’s always a problem!), because even though they are all…

In defense of daydreaming

We are never real historians, but always near poets, and our emotion is nothing but an expression of poetry that was lost. Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space    shelter me from the storm lose me in the mists of time Who gives a truer account of history? The poet, or the historian? Thank you to Chris Bronsk and his excellent post repercussions for reminding me about and…

beach days (II)

  beach days #3 © images and content Emily Hughes, 2014

beach days

beach days #1  beach days #2 © images and content Emily Hughes, 2014


Originally posted on Journeyofaphotograph:
? I followed this photograph’s journey for a while. I lost the track of it round about after summermlee posted the work that he, and other collaborators, made based on this photograph. Recently Emily Hughes posted a request for another address for a memory to be made. She felt it wasn’t time for its journey to end. Bravely, I put…