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A big THANK YOU to Jacque of thedreambeing for nominating me for the Liebster Award. She has a rather lovely blog, with some fabulous photography and inspiring art, so I’m very honoured to receive this award from her.

Liebster comes from the German lieb, or love. It also means cute, lovely, sweet or kind and forms the stem of the vern lieben, to love. Liebste(r,s) is an adjective meaning favourite, loved or dear or it can be used to refer to a person as a sweetheart or darling.

Instead of following the rules, in the spirit of this award I’m going to nominate some other lovely blogs I have found recently (I don’t know if they are all ‘up and coming’ – some of them may have been blogging for a while – but they are all lovely) and as the number 11 is a recurring theme, it seems, for this award, I will tell you 11 things which I think are lovely.

I am discovering great new blogs every day so it’s nice to get an opportunity to acknowledge some of them on here. If you would like to read the rules for accepting the award please refer here

11 lovely things:

*learning to curl my tongue around a new language*
*Italy, where I have forever left a small piece of my heart*
*daydreaming in the bath*
*the colour orange*
*the smell of pavements after the rain*
*the feeling of calm and wellbeing that yoga brings*
*putting my feet up with a glass of wine and a good book*
*Sunday lunch with friends and family*
*stepping off an aeroplane in a foreign place … when the unfamiliar temperature, sights, sounds and smells assault your senses all at once*
*kicking off my shoes, rolling up my trousers and feeling the sand between my toes*

My 12 nominations (I sneaked an extra one in!):




bones, mugs & harmony


her new leaf

as i see it



wings of wonder

all the soft places

yi-ching lin photography

These are all really interesting, lovely blogs by talented people. I wanted to write something about each one but some of them I am still getting to know. Please check them out!

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