Beach scenes

I love the beach, and I love the sea. I love the way that it is ever-changing, but constant. It always makes me feel calm and present to be by the sea. Somehow its power and vastness reduces you to your essential being: small, insignificant, perhaps, but utterly grounded. When I am by the sea, I gain perspective; somehow everything makes sense and I am able to see more clearly. I understand my place.

I chose these images to attempt to convey that sense of simplicity, tranquility and anonymity, and I also enjoy exploring the textures and muted colours of the seaside. I am very inspired by Robert Misrach – I love the dreamy aesthetic of his On the Beach series, and the way he plays with perspective, reducing the humans to tiny specks contrasted with the limitless expanse of their surroundings.

© Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

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