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Words on title image by Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou from the song ‘Grand Tales in Tired Covers’, from the album entitled “La Ferme de Fontenaille”.

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I have recently started up a new little business venture I wanted to tell you about. I suppose the origin of pebbles was the idea of gathering bits of inspiration from here and there, as a reference to how the creative mind works, but then I thought: how about turning it into a space where other people can also sell their work? I thought; the pebbles could be gathered up from far and wide into a keepsake pouch, and tied with a mint green ribbon!

So, though it’s still in its embryonic phases, that is how pebbles from all places was born, and that is what I envisage it will become, eventually. I know that there are websites out there that do this kind of thing, but for me they don’t always seem to have the personal touch, and the artist seems often to be lost, struggling to remain afloat in a turbulent, bewildering sea bearing the weight of Millions of Other Artworks (ok, I promise I’ll stop with the nautical analogy now). I don’t want pebbles to be like that – I want it to be more intimate, more personal. A calming experience.

At the moment it is just me! But I had to start somewhere, and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting other artists/designers on board soon. If you are interested, (whether a photographer, painter, illustrator) or if you know someone who might be contact me at and I’ll give you more details. I would really love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading thus far, and a big thank you if you get as far as checking out the website. I would also welcome any feedback you have too, either on the idea or the website itself.

Thank you!


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