New beginnings



I’m sorry for the prolonged absence.

The past few months have been a whirlwind. Really. Almost too much. It’s true what they say it never rains but it pours. As the swollen Thames threatens to burst its banks with the recent heavy rains, we too feel the strain and stress of taking on too much. The Christmas break was sorely needed.

But, we have a new home. It is beautiful, and it is home (can I say that again?). Home. Seven years, longer even, in a distant shadow of our dreams we held it – or we tried to – but it refused to settle. It was always “one day….”

And now we have an “ours”, a “here and now”. We have walls. How delicious are blank walls? To paint, to hang things from, to do whatever. I love walls. Solid walls.

This is the house before we moved in: a blank canvas for the cracked fragments of our mosaic lives to find form. It was a sunny October day and I was exploring the way the light played with the surfaces.

I think, also, that this was the calm before the storm (I didn’t take any pictures of the storm).

Things are fine now; establishing, settling. We’re taking root, and I’ll be back properly in the New Year. I have missed you all and I’ve really missed blogging.

Best wishes for an exciting and creative 2013 to everyone!

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