My not-so-neat nooks

There are two windowsills near my side of the bed. I tend to use them as temporary bookshelves/dumping grounds for various bits and pieces I haven’t found the time or energy to create a home for. I will say upfront feel I am exposing myself a little here, as quite a messy (and possibly also schizophrenic) person. I do like things to be clean, but my mess doesn’t really bother me (anyone else’s is another matter, of course). As long as I know where everything is (which actually isn’t always the case – I am always losing things) then I am happy.

Anyway, these are my little nooks of ‘stuff’ – my notebooks, my eclectic ‘current’ reading shelf, my going out bags, my library books, my (some unopened) recent Amazon purchases – which I like to have ‘to hand’. Although, I’m not sure about the gloves… really we haven’t worn gloves for a good couple of months. I do actually need to put them away.

So, where is your little nook? What does it look like? I would love to see pictures, but I’m not sure you can post pictures as a response on here?

© Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

7 Comments on “My not-so-neat nooks

  1. Oh if only I had a nook of stuff! I’ve piled stuff so high that it’s moved through the house like a glacier.

  2. You and I have a lot of the same books on our shelves!

    I have books.shoved.everywhere. My husband bought this storage cabinet recently to house records and our recordplayer, and within minutes of its assembly (Ikea purchase) I had one side of it crammed. And I want more, too! So, my little nook is my whole house, I guess.

  3. I hide all my “stuff” in a cupboard. It’s mostly large amounts of books and my film cameras. It’s completely chaotic, a cavern of words and ideas that only I can look through. Oh dear, the cavern as metaphor for my mind is clearly obvious… 🙂

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