They put the books behind bars

They put the books behind bars
Locked them away
Metal branding paper
Sentences seared
Words scattered
Stories silenced

I press my nose right up close
Breathe in the dank musty scent
Watch pages curl and unfurl
Words swim before my eyes
Typeface tears roll down my cheeks
Stinging in the wind

I step back
My focus returns
But still I cannot read
Words have become meaningless
Snapshots in time

I inhale deeply
Fill my gasping lungs with air
Watch the words expand, take form
I beckon them to follow me
Whispering their nameless names
To no-one

We’ll find a shrouded place
Shrug off our covers
Set our weary bodies free
Write our own rules
Dance in the hazy dawn
Sleep soundly under milk-infused moonlight

© Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

My not-so-neat nooks

There are two windowsills near my side of the bed. I tend to use them as temporary bookshelves/dumping grounds for various bits and pieces I haven’t found the time or energy to create a home for. I will say upfront feel I am exposing myself a little here, as quite a messy (and possibly also schizophrenic) person. I do like things to be clean, but my mess doesn’t really bother me (anyone else’s is another matter, of course). As long as I know where everything is (which actually isn’t always the case – I am always losing things) then I am happy.

Anyway, these are my little nooks of ‘stuff’ – my notebooks, my eclectic ‘current’ reading shelf, my going out bags, my library books, my (some unopened) recent Amazon purchases – which I like to have ‘to hand’. Although, I’m not sure about the gloves… really we haven’t worn gloves for a good couple of months. I do actually need to put them away.

So, where is your little nook? What does it look like? I would love to see pictures, but I’m not sure you can post pictures as a response on here?

© Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

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