So, today I am sharing my love for more random things. This time it is chairs. I am not sure why they are so appealing (I know it’s a bit strange). There is something about empty chairs, though, which draws me to them – compels me to photograph them. They have to be slightly-out-of-place-looking. Sort of lost; expectant; hopeful. Waiting to be useful, perhaps? Waiting for someone to take their willing seat, to mould themselves into their close contours. A chair is full of promise. (A bench is not the same thing at all, by the way. People perch on benches. They sit on chairs, get comfy, relax, wriggle a bit until they find a good position. Like a cat which pads around on a welcoming lap until it finds that perfect arrangement of cat-on-lap). A chair is a good thing. And they seem to often come in pairs. This is one of my favourite chair pictures. I hope you like it.

© Emily Hughes and searchingtosee, 2012

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